Helicopter Wet Lease

Over the past 20 years, Air Charter International has wet leased helicopters for a number of missions. Our team of Wet Lease specialists will assist you in finding the right helicopter to fit the specific requirement at hand and will provide a dedicated ground operations officer to ensure the operations run smoothly.

Helicopter Wet Lease

Air Charter International facilitates Helicopter leasing services for the oil and construction industry, NGO’s and major aid agencies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Helicopter leasing services are generally provided on short notice and Air Charter Internationals’ objective is to provide the resources at short notice for both the long and short term.

At Air Charter International, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the supply of single or twin engine helicopters for special

charter or for short and long term wet leases, across the globe. Our team of dedicated professionals can assist you with your requirements, whether it is for a helicopter wet lease to difficult terrain, extreme weather conditions or for special and covert operations for the military.

Our range of services can cater to:

  • Flying Ambulance Services
  • Transport of Medical Supplies
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Oil, Gas & Mining – Personnel and Equipment Transport
  • Military Security and Transport
  • Civilian Security and Transport
  • Construction Companies
  • VIP Transport
  • Cargo
  • Site Inspections

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Be it AOC holders, Oil & Gas companies, NGOs or Government entities, Air Charter International can assist you with your Helicopter Wet Leasing needs

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