Creating bespoke luxury holidays with exclusive private jet charter.

A private air charter offers supreme flexibility.You choose the when and the where. Accessing remote airfields, unexplored leisure getaways and short runways enables you to reduce or remove land transfers. In addition, we can arrange special permits to fly out of hours, ensuring complete versatility with every charter. Through our partners and networks, we can offer luxury air charter to destinations where other charter companies don’t fly

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Trusted charter service for individual clients travelling across the world

A luxury shopping trip to Rome; flying from remote island beaches to old-world city centres; an exclusive holiday for your family; whatever the reason and destination we have the tailored charter.

Private Luxury travel

A luxury shopping trip to Rome; flying from remote island beaches to old-world city centres and more.

Special Occassions

A luxury shopping trip to Rome; flying from remote island beaches to old-world city centres and more.

Family holidays

Looking to plan an exclusive holiday. Our specialized travel ambassadors will help you create bespoke holidays for you and your family

Flying with pets

Whether you’re flying with a dog or a cat, taking pets on planes is easy when you charter your own private jet rental

Sea plane charter

Our Seaplane Charter service promises to be both convenient, comfortable and reliable.

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Spoilt for choice

Air Charter International’s real-time database of available aircraft provides unrivalled choice of aircraft for charter. These include:


Light aircraft that offer an excellent value alternative to jets when flying over short distances

Very Light Jets

Entry-level jet charter with quiet modern cabins and a flight range of around two hours

Light Jets

Small executive jets with capacity for six to eight passengers. These are usually luxurious and are available with a wide range of cabin configurations. Popular for flights of up to four hours


Larger executive jets with more space and a the similar passenger capacity and flexible configuration as light jets. A flight range of around five hours

Super Midsize

Closer to large aircraft than midsize private jets, offering generous space and a range of up to eight hours in the air


First-class executive jets seating up to 16 passengers and flying for up to nine hours continuously

Global Jets

Intercontinental capability and luxurious cabin configurations, including sleeping arrangements and full standing headroom. Capacity varies, usually from 12 to 16 passengers

VIP Airliners

Ultimate private jet travel with worldwide flying capability. These offer VIP executive seating and a luxury favoured by heads of state and royalty