Sports Charter

Air Charter International provides private charter solutions arranging aircraft charters for sporting events, concerts and other entertainment events.

Sports air charter solutions for sporting professionals, teams and fans

Sports Charter

Air Charter International has organized aircraft charters to sporting events around the world. From groups of fans to a certain sporting event to individual team members travelling to a game, Air Charter International, has handled sport travel requirements with ease and effectiveness. Our dedicated team of professionals work 24/7 to ensure a safe flight and ensure that there are no delays in getting to the venue of your choice. We also provide air charter dining options from sports drinks to hot meals.

Enjoy benefits like:

  • Avoid the hassle of check-in and immigration
  • Hot meals and in-flight entertainment during your flight
  • Timely flights based on your requirements and convenience
  • Transportation of all sports equipment required on game day
  • Immediate flights out of any event in case of game delays and cancellations
  • Flying from the most convenient airport to a landing destination closest to the event

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Worldwide sporting events aircraft charter solutions

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