Helicopter Charters

As a leading aviation services provider with 20 years experience, Air Charter International has access to Helicopter Charter solutions for all types of operations

Be it private transfers, photography shoots, crew transports or specialized cargo movements, Air Charter International has access to all types of helicopters globally

Helicopter Charters

Helicopter charters are a versatile and reliable means of travel, allowing clients to land or take off from remote areas or city centre helipads. Whether it’s transportation of your corporate executives for meetings, or medical staff who require deployment in a remote location or difficult terrain to even artists and celebrities who want to attend a major event, Air Charter International can provide the service that’s just right for you. Other benefits of chartering your own helicopter include:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Quick and flexible service enabling multiple site trips within a single day
  • Reduced commuting time to work, corporate meetings and major events
  • Dedicated Account Manager, who organizes and ensures your convenience in all aspects of your flight
  • Ability to land in remote locations, difficult terrain and also on hotels, restaurants and other venues that provide a helipad for landing

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