Dangerous Goods

Hazardous Material and Dangerous Goods cargo require experienced consultants that can assist with finding the right aircraft charter and permit approval procedures.

Air Charter International specializes in providing air charter solutions for the transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous cargo

Dangerous Goods

When transporting dangerous and hazardous goods, not only is a cargo charters a smart solution, sometimes, it is the only solution. At Air Charter International, we understand that with limited schedules and routes of scheduled freighter airlines, it sometimes becomes very expensive and time-consuming to dispatch your goods to the destination at the right time on time.

Whether you want to dispatch fireworks for an event or explosives to a mining facility, our team of dedicated professionals has the skills and expertise to make it happen.

Our team at Air Charter International is well trained and versed in the knowledge of routing restrictions, compliance with the latest regulations and the principles of precision planning and maximum security.

Contact us today to arrange a cargo charter for dangerous materials.

  • Engines
  • Vehicles
  • Explosives
  • Chemicals
  • Radioactive materials

Our team of dedicated aviation specialists is on standby to assist you with your DG transport needs

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