Medical Emergency

Air Charter International is ideally situated to provide emergency evacuation and MEDEVAC aircraft for the Middle-East, Africa, and Asia region. Furthermore, our long-term relation with national carriers and Charter airlines gives us a unique edge to draw on Aircraft worldwide at any time in case of emergency evacuations.

Air Charter International can provide emergency evacuation and emergency Charter services for one individual or a large group. We provide MEDEVAC Aircraft most suited to our clients’ requirements and location – from a two-seater to a 480-seater with appropriate speed and range.

Air Charter International are specialists in sourcing the right MEDEVAC aircraft complete with doctors, nurses and paramedics based on the requirements of our clientele.

Our extensive knowledge and network within the aviation industry, we are able to organize the most reliable and comprehensive emergency evacuation by air ambulance from any part of the world. Our team of aviation specialists can provide comprehensive services ranging from:

  • Investigation
  • Assessment
  • Consulation
  • Medical Clearance
  • Ambulance Transfers to and from airports
  • Medical escorts
  • All necessary ICU equipment
  • Continuous liaison and reporting to the client throughout


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