Wet Leasing


Air Charter International was established in 1994 as a specialist in providing tailor made wet lease solutions.
We pride ourselves at being professional leasing experts, specializing in the provision of wet lease (ACMI) operations in the Middle East, Europe, CIS, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific regions.
Through our extensive relationships with some of the world’s leading airlines, Air Charter International can easily offer wet lease (ACMI) solutions that offer immediate and effective answers for your fleet expansion / planning targets.
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Definition of Leasing

In essence, an Aircraft is provided by a lessor (the owner of the Aircraft) to a lessee (someone who is leasing the Aircraft). The lessee is able to utilize the Aircraft any way they choose within the stipulations of the signed contract. The lessee pays the lessor an agreed monthly fee for the use the Aircraft. 
Air Charter International acts as an intermediary in this process ensuring that the interests of both parties are taken into consideration. Air Charter International provides a full wet lease turnkey solution from initial Aircraft choice to sourcing, contract negotiation and signing / operations managment.
In the interests of both parties, Air Charter International also provides a full time onsite Operations Manager, ensuring smooth running of wet lease as per contractual agreement.
There are five different types of Leasing. These are Wet lease or ACMI, Damp lease, Dry lease, Operational lease and Financial lease. 
Contact us today to enquire about the most suitable aircraft leasing solution for you.

High density wide body, smaller narrow body or turbo prop leasing services.

Cargo aircraft for heavy lift, outsize, relief, urgent, perishable, dangerous or livestock.

Helicopter leasing services for, private individuals, photography, oil and gas, construction, NGOs and Aid Agencies.

Light, medium or heavy jet leasing for VIP, Executive and Personal travel.

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