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Frequently asked questions about Air Ambulance Services

by Administrator 5. August 2012 10:20

An Air Ambulance is defined as an aircraft used for Emergency Medical Assistance in situations where either a road ambulance cannot reach the location quickly enough or not at all, or the patient needs to be transported over a distance that makes air transportation a much more effective solution. In this article we will review the frequently asked questions related to air ambulances and the services provided within an air ambulance charter.

1.    What is generally included in an Air Ambulance?
An Air Ambulance service includes the aircraft, the medical equipment and machinery required to safely transport the patient, a medical team consisting of one paramedic and one specialist doctor. Depending on the size of the aircraft, the air ambulance will have room for 1 or more escorts that may travel along with the patient.

2.    What does an Air Ambulance look like?
An Air Ambulance looks pretty much like an executive jet (generally light or medium size) converted into a flying hospital room. It includes the bed/stretcher for the patient.

3.    What does it cost to charter an Air Ambulance?
An Air Ambulance is generally slightly higher in price than chartering the equivalent sized executive jet; this is mainly due to the equipment and personnel required on board during the flight. As an example the estimated cost for an Air Ambulance service from Dubai to Frankfurt on a Learjet 45 (which can transport 1 patient + 1 escort) will be approx USD 50,000 all inclusive.

4.    What mostly affects the price of the charter of an Air Ambulance?

The cost of the Air Ambulance service will be mostly affected by the route and the condition of the patient that is travelling; i.e.

  • Nr of hours that the aircraft requires to fly the route requested
  • The equipment required on board (e.g. infants who require an incubator)
  • The personnel required on board (e.g. pediatrician or hart specialist)

5.    Is the cost of chartering an Air Ambulance covered by Insurance?
The cost of an Air Ambulance may be covered by your insurance provider; you will need to contact your insurance provider and present them with a quotation as well as a note from the treating doctor in order to find out if your insurance will over the expenses of the Air Ambulance.

6.    What information do I need to provide in order to  arrange an Air Ambulance
The most efficient way to arrange for an Air Ambulance is to contact a professional Air Charter Broker company who covers the provision of Medevac charters; be sure to contact a Charter Broker that is available 24/7. Once you put forward your request to the Charter Broker, you will most likely be requested to provide the following details:

  • Age, Sex and condition of the patient
  • A copy of the latest medical report
  • Number of escorts that will be required to accompany the patient
  • Name and telephone nr of the treating doctor

Once you have received a quotation, all you need to do is confirm your Air Ambulance Charter, pay the invoice and the Charter Broker and Air Ambulance Service provider will take care of the rest.

7.    How long does it take to arrange for an Air Ambulance

If the Charter Broker has a 24/7 service, they should be able to provide you with a quotation within 4-12 hours from making the requirement. Once you have accepted the quotation, and signed a Charter Agreement for your Air Ambulance service, count approx 12 hours till take off depending on how fast payment can be made and permits can be obtained for the requested route.

8.    Other Tips when considering an Air Ambulance

  • Many people forget that it is the Charterer’s responsibility to ensure that visas are in place for the patient and the escorts for the countries which they wish to travel to; the Air Ambulance operator will not take any responsibilities for visas.
  • Don’t forget to arrange for ground transportation to and from the airports; some Air Ambulance providers quote inclusive of ground ambulance fees, but this may not always be the case; if they are not included it is recommend that you ensure this is arranged with the respective hospitals.
  • Ensure that the receiving hospital is aware that the patient is coming and has space available so that the patient will be admitted.

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